Blue Warrior, Inc. is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that utilizes Fundraising, Contributions and Donations to deliver free services and products to Law Enforcement Officers and Departments.

Our goal is simple. To deliver the best Training and Support possible at no cost to the Officers and Agencies in need. Together we can give back to those who continue sacrifice so much to keep our communities safe.

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How we help

Marksmanship Training


Our marksmanship courses are designed to deliver the skills and techniques to the marksman needed to achieve a high level of safety, accuracy and efficiency while utilizing a Pistol/Carbine platform. These skills and techniques are derived from a fundamental and principle based instruction programs that have been proven during high threat scenarios across the globe. Courses include 8-24 hour(1-3 days) of Basic to advanced applications of marksmanship instruction. Contact us for more information.

Equipment Support


Working with leading manufacturers and products, we strive to help departments and officers by procurement of job essential equipment in order to ensure safety and efficiency.  Many departments have issues providing officers with the proper gear, therefore we do everything we can to help by donations and fundraising when and where department funding may fall short.

Mental Health and Moral Support


Often a forgotten issue for our first responders is Mental Health and family support system.  Blue Warrior, Inc. is here to help. We assist in various ways to ensure the officer and family have the help required during times of need. Ranging from coordination assistance with Mental Health professionals to partnering with other dedicated organizations, we assist officers to get the support they need. Contact us to learn more.